This is me, Melt van Schoor. Developer of YourStory

I believe that life is a journey to discover and develop into the best version of yourself their could be. I believe we meet people and go through stuff on our journey for a reason. I also believe that life could happen to you by accident or you could purposely live a happy and successful life. My Linkedin profile


a World where each person understands and loves his/her reason for existing and leads a fulfilling life of happiness and success.


Guide, coach and mentor individuals and teams towards this life worth living by means of positioning intelligent systems as directives and light on their path.

In a nutshell, Melt van Schoor was born and raised in a typical Christian home and went to a typical school and matriculated in 1984. His childhood was no walk in the park moving from home to home. His first work and still as a school pupil was to work in a retail store in the afternoons, this was needed to help his foster parents make ends meet. After matriculating he completed an technical qualification and worked as an avionics electrician during the day and door security in the evenings for many years. Taking breaks from his evening work he achieved management and programming qualifications during night classes as well as a brown belt in shoot boxing.

His purpose of life was always a nagging question and he always got involved with systems and programs aimed at answering this. He was fortunate to be very active in his local community in Craig Hills "Family Foundations international" and project managed a "Purpose driven live" of Rick Warren at his local church. During this time Melt started a company providing project management and financial planning services, he later also bought some other retail and service providing businesses.

After some time receiving personal development coaching Melt was introduced to Shadowmatch. Melt immediately realized that Pieter De Villiers and his team of researchers has developed a great network of systems trading as Shadowmath, Skillsgrid and NXTmove. With the aim of bringing happiness and success to peoples lives in their personal and business capacity, Melt studied these systems and achieved accreditation to implement these systems both as consultant and coach.

Melt has used what he has learned and has developed a personal development coaching system using selected tools and services available in the network of professionals he has come to work with, guiding the user on a journey towards a life worth living. Realizing that the journey is never over Melt continuously develops the system to bring new and exiting elements.

"As people purposely fall in place with their reason of existence chaos subsides and makes place for peace to reign."

Melt J. Van Schoor. 

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