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Most probably when you chose to read the ABOUT section of Your Story is to find out if and what value it could bring to your life or your business. Well allow me to tell you My Story and decide for your self if I could add value to Your Story.

Melt van Schoor is the owner, sweeper and coffee maker of Your Story (Pty) Ltd. Born and raised in a Christian but broken home he matriculated and joined an advanced technical corporate and completed in-house and national training. His working career actually started way before at age 15 when himself and two friends started casual labour at an large retail business with functions ranging from cleaning, packing, store keeping and sales. During his training after school he managed to work two jobs, the one as in technician in training and a second as door security and later security manager at a entertainment center. This was necessary to help his family home make ends meet. Later as a qualified technician he was contracted to government sectors and research and development sectors to work on advanced technological projects. With a bit of a relax in long working hours he found the time to earn a diploma in business management and one in programming taking night classes.

Ten years after leaving school he decided to start a consulting business and since then owned and managed three of his own businesses including a family business. He also managed to successfully complete major projects and build some public and industry association.

With a drive to continuously get more knowledge and experience he today is regarded as a consultant, facilitator and coach in both personal and business development. 

Melt van Schoor focuses on areas where he knows he can add value to other peoples stories and networks with experts in other fields to add value to himself and services to other.

Melt J. Van Schoor
Your Story

Finding purpose and happiness has been a constant journey and would most probably last a lifetime, but during this time I have build experience and have come across very knowledgeable experts and very helpful products that brings life to one worth living. My Linkedin profile