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Ego strength

Build a life worth living with a personal development plan

Your ego position of strength determines your ability to stand against challenges life throws at you. You might already have a strong ego position but would like to protect it.


What the personal development plan does is to help you identify what threatens your ego position and implement positive plans to combat the threats and protect  your ego position. (Read more)

Furthermore the personal development plan helps you repair an already computerized ego position by making use of attributes you already own. The plan helps you identify these attributes and arrange it in such a way to help you understand what you learned from the hard lessons in life and how it positively contributes to a new and stronger you.

Personal growth workshop

In this workshop you would identify your habit profile and learn how to use your habits for:

  • Your success,

  • Dealing with stress, and

  • Reach a specific goal.

This workshop also sets the basis of the sessions going forward.

Your strengths

In this session you will reflect on your 3 most important successes or positive projects you finished in each development period of your life. You will then identify the strengths you developed during this time and how it would help you going forward.


Your lessons learnt

In this session you will on your 3 most important crisis or disappointments you experienced in each development period of your life with the purpose of identifying the hidden and exposed lessons your learnt from them.


Your skills

Your Personal skills evaluation report is a prerequisite to making an appointment for this session. In this session we will look at your strongest and weakest skills and what skill you need to develop for your present and future lifestyle. (Note that the evaluation is not included in the booking fee)

Your habits

Your habits determines how you would normally react in different situations, in this session we discuss your Shadow Match report and how your stronger habits influences your life.


Saved by my your habits

In this session we visit your historic stories and identify how your stronger habits saved you from a predicament, a tough situation or even a crises. you would also build a personal slogan containing your strong habits, memorize it and use it going forward as a weapon in similar predicaments.



Sometimes in life we find ourselves stuck in an uncomfortable situation, you might even find that you are trapped in several uncomfortable situations. You would visit each situation separately, one after the other and decide on resolution actions to free you from it.



Leaving a trapped situation is not as easy as it sounds and could potentially coincide with pain. In this session you will discuss how leaving a trapped situation would influence your life and identify challenging actions of personal growth.



In this session you look at what positive learning is gained from leaving this challenging situation, what the experience thought you in terms of your actions and how it made you stronger.



One could say that a life worth living is life itself. In this session you visit possible new beginnings after leaving a particular situation and the full implication thereof.

Your freedom

Sessions 8, 9 and 10. and repeat...

The number of sessions on Leave, Learn and Live will largely depend on how many trapped situations you faced. When you feel that you have successfully exhausted the last trapped situation you could proceed to the following sessions.


Your life balance

Following a life style that clashes with your habits creates frustration and a general feeling of unhappiness. In this session you will look at how your life style matched your habits, what stable vs dynamic balance is and what corrective actions needs to be taken.


Your energy

We all have energy levels in various habit departments. Our life styles drains some areas faster than others creating fatigue. In this session you identify what life style areas drains you faster and what corrective actions needs to be taken.


Your future balance

In this session you plan a future life and decide on actions to make these changes happen.


Your EGO

Your EGO strength says allot of how you could handle situations in life. In this session you reflect on your EGO strength and identify actions to make it stronger.


Future lifestyle

You may have minor life style changes or you might have allot. Standing still at this point of time to successfully discuss these changes would help prepare you to a life worth living.


Your leadership style

In this session we look at what the specific leadership competencies are that you would like to develop and identify actions to develop them. Furthermore you identify mentor(s) to help you on this journey and identify "partners" to train with you.


Growing in mastery

In this session we look at what the competencies you need in your professional life to grow to the next level of mastery are and how you could train it. Furthermore you identify mentor(s) to help you on this journey and identify "partners" to train with you.


Your 5 years plan

Taking all you have learned about yourself we look at how you are going to implement it, contributing in a positive way into society, your local and regional environment, your family, your profession and personally. Leaving a legacy.



In this session we will look at the results of your new Shadow Match result and identify areas that needs personal development. At this stage we would also discuss a future coaching relationship.


After attending the personal growth workshop an Your Story coach would answer all your questions you might have. After this and if you feel you want to further develop yourself he/she would gladly assist you in setting-up your personal development plan. He/she would also introduce you to the online system and guide you to how to use it. 

You might want to explore this personal development on your own but it is advisable to have an accountable partner. You might also need guidance from time to time and the Your Story coach would of course gladly be of service.

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