Content Based Coaching Program 2021


Advanced Business Development, Thought Leadership and Life Enrichment

Coaching during 2021. This programme starts in March and the dates are below. The session will be from 09h00 to 12h00.
Below are the themes that will be the content of each session. The impact of these themes of 2020 has been such that we need to rethink almost every aspect of our lives.

1. Industry 4.0: How did Covid influence this industrial revolution? (March 4)

What was the impact on business – big and small? Five critical areas of impact to be discussed with directives for the future.
2. Industry 4.0: What was (and is) the impact on individuals? (April 1)

We will work through: loss of stability (all levels). Loss of security (all levels). Loss of income (business and personal). Loss of alternatives. The impact on families (work and study from home issue and the implication on relationships).
3. Industry 4.0: A pre-industrial-revolution-solution for the future: (May 6)

Independent living. Financial independence and a sustainable independence and an off-the-grid-future. This is a very big movement. All smart people must know more about this development. What should we know and what is there to learn? Is
it possible and what exactly do you need? Why is it such an issue?
4. High impact recovery planning: Scenario setting and implementation. (June 3)

The one thing we’ve learned is that the world, the system, governments and our employment structures do not protect us against high-impact scenarios. How do we live and work despite these risks and without becoming obsessed, problem focused
and conspiracy slaves?
5. What other disasters can strike like the virus did? (July 1)

There are four types of unexpected major disasters that can occur and change our lives like Covid did, what are these and how do we live intelligently without fear but with a maximum level of awareness and readiness?
6. The collapse of traditional marketing and sales strategies. (Aug 5)

Traditional marketing and sales do not work optimally any longer. What now? A new way of growing a business is a must!
7. The future of SMEs and independent service providers. (Sept 2)

Specific small businesses will have functional space in the world of IR4.0. What will that be? We will also talk about the future of the corporate world of business. It will – without doubt - be the survival of the most adaptive!
8. Coaching as the way to recovery and a meaningful life: (Oct 7)

A radically new approach! What if nothing works to recover? What if someone has depleted all the traditional methods of recovery from personal, physical and psychological impact? Then the risk of drugs, depression, alcohol and living just to survive could be the
result. But, there is an alternative! Live in a positive way above it! How?
9. The mindset of a successful future entrepreneur: (Nov 4)

When you build a business, you actually build your life design habits and philosophy. A very scientific mindset analysis will show what your preferred building blocks are at work when you design a business or any meaningful venture.
10. Let’s create something new! (Dec 2)

A new way of living, working, doing business, managing personal and business risks and a new way of handling a crisis. It will happen again!

Cost per person:
The cost: R850 per session or R7 500.00 in advance for all ten sessions.

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