The purpose of these resources is to activate a positive thought process by helping the user to better understand the phycology behind human behavior, a critical factor behind personal and business development. These resources has been researched by brilliant experts in their fields who have a passion to build a better and happier world. Furthermore the people offering YOUR STORY coaching has the same passion as these experts and has been trained and accredited to journey with you and/or your business. This subscribers only benefit is offered to you as cost effective as possible if not free. 

  • DIY online

    As accredited product and service provider YourStory(Pty)Ltd offers you great online resources to help take the guesswork out of things. These resources has been well developed and has proven its excellence over time and in practice.

  • Workshops/Webinars

    Workshops provide wonderful opportunities for networking, learning, gaining inspirations, build new friendships, have some fun and gain helpful, valuable information.

    In these workshops we would discuss the topic in depth and get perspectives from co-attendees as well as ideas and questions from the group. 

  • Coaching / Consulting

    Coaching and consulting services is available to those seeking a deeper understanding of reports offered by the online solutions or to those whom finds value in a coach on his/her personal or business journey. The Your Story system is developed in such a way that you may book a coach only when you need one or throughout your journey.

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