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Start with the year till your 13th birthday, think of stories in terms of intellect, phycological, personal, economical, spiritual and/or social impacts on your life and write them down, then, depending on your current age, progress to do the same with ages 14 to 25, 26 to 40, 41 to 50, 51 to 60, and 61 upwards.

Along your journey you might need some assistance, you might find this assistance in the form of a trusted friend and/or in the professional resources offered by YourStory

YourStory categorizes stories into three types:

  • stories where lessons are learned,

  • stories where personal growth takes place and/or 

  • stories of entrapment.

When writing a story you should identify it as one where you have leaned a lesson(s) or one where you have developed skills, habits or other strong points or one where you feel trapped in a situation. After writing the story you need to explain the circumstances you where in and what motivated you to live the story, then give it a fitting title. Later in your journey you may want to bundle your stories in chapters.

Start writing stories from your early years and carefully progress to the current ending with a future expectation.

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