Step 1 of 4: NXTmove business analyses

  1. 120-180 Minutes organization leaders questions and answer session

  1. An accredited NXTmove coach would facilitate the question and answer session with the leaders of your organization.

  2. The NXTmove online system would guide the team by adapting the questions to the style of the organization

  3. The coach would also drive deep into each answer to get to the true reality demanded by each question.

  4. The system would immediately generate the report once all the questions has been answered and submitted.

Step 2 of 4: NXTmove business report

  1. 90-120 Minutes NXTmove report discussion

  1. The NXTmove coach would describe the results of the report and facilitate a discussion on the findings of the report.

  2. The coach would highlight the challenges the business faces.

Step 3 of 4: Project prioritization

  1. 30-60 Minutes business development projects prioritization

  1. The system generates recommendation of projects to address the business challenges.

  2. The coach facilitates a project prioritization session.

  3. The team discusses who would manage the projects identified.

Step 4 of 4: Project management

  1. Going forward

  1. Your organization might want to discuss the project management services with the YOUR STORY coach if the organization considers using and external project manager.

  2. The coach uses an advanced online project management tool developed for this purpose.