Guide to finding your worth:

1. Start a journal and divide it into the following headings:

  • My strengths.

    • Age 1 to 13

    • Age 14 to 25

    • Age 26 to 40

    • Age 41 to 50

    • Age 51 to 65

    • Age 66 on

2. We all had successes in each age category, you might think that some are insignificant and meaningless but the very reason that you thought of it means that it had a positive impact on your life. Under each age category write these short stories of the successes you experienced, give each of these stories a topic. Think of successes in your intellect, physical, personal, social, spiritual and/or business life for example.

3. Under each of these stories write a short paragraph of the situation your life was in and describe what you think motivated you to these successes.

4. Under each of these paragraphs write a maximum of five strong points (1,2 of max 3 words) that helped you achieve these successes. Also write a brief description of your understanding of these strong points and how you would positively use them going forward.

See example